Media Event: Eau Claire Area Leaders Promote ObamaCare Enrollment Assistance

With launch of healthcare law marketplaces set for October 1st, citizens point out local opportunities to get assistance enrolling in new health options.

At a media event this Thursday at 9:30 AM, Citizen Action of Wisconsin, Eau Claire area community leaders and individuals seeking access to affordable healthcare coverage will promote new options for individuals to gain assistance in enrolling in the new healthcare marketplace after October 1st. The new marketplace will be accessed primarily online but local organizations will assist as well. Local residents who need the protections of Affordable Care Act will explain the new options available to Eau Claire area residents.

What: Media event promote health care law enrollment in Eau Claire
When: Thursday, September 12th, 9:30AM
Where: Outside LE Phillips Memorial Library, 400 Eau Claire st, Eau Claire.
-Kevin Kane, Healthcare Organizer, Citizen Action of Wisconsin
-Gerald Wilkie, Eau Claire County Board
-Julie Lepp, Vice President, JONAH
-Local residents of Eau Claire County with health stories

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