Milwaukee Media Market Team - 2015 in Review

Dedicated to rolling back the conservative media monopoly...and creating a fair opportunity for progressive ideas to be heard.

A group of Co-op member-owners and others interested people have been meeting since September 2015 to develop a game plan to address the extreme right wing bias in Milwaukee area media. The group is pursuing two related projects.

First, we believe it could be feasible to purchase a radio station in Milwaukee, which would broadcast primarily progressive content. We recently met with the hosts of The Devil’s Advocates radio show, Mike Crute and Dominick Salvia (see photo), whose three-hour drive-time show is aired in the Madison area. They shared a plan for raising the money needed to purchase and operate a progressive leaning radio station in the Milwaukee area. 

Second, we are working on a Radio Accountability Project. The project involves doing the research and monitoring necessary to pursue corporate campaigns against media outlets that host and sponsors that support biased, right wing radio programming in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

To make these things happen, a skilled, full time organizer is needed. We are working to raise “seed” money to employ an organizer for three months, who would then help us expand the Organizing Co-op by another 250 member owners. This would give us permanent, full time organizing capacity dedicated to rolling back the conservative media monopoly in the Milwaukee area and creating a fair opportunity for progressive ideas to be heard.

Our goal is to raise the seed money by roughly the end of February, hire an organizer by April and complete a successful new member owner campaign by mid-summer. 

We need all hands on deck to raise the funds we need. Please look for an announcement of our big fundraising event, which will take place at the end of January or the beginning of February. Also, please consider joining us at an upcoming team meeting or inviting someone you know who is concerned about the conservative media bias in our area. Once we have an organizer on the project, we will need many volunteers to monitor conservative media outlets and rally community support for a progressive radio outlet.


Join the Milwaukee Media Market Team in 2016! Contact Co-op organizer Anna Dvorak at to find out how you can help!

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