Member Crowdfunding Milestone Passed

Hey friends who have followed Citizen Action's Member Crowdfunding launch, we're happy to report that 3 days into the 60 day countdown to recruit 200+ members we're already at 25% of our goal!

By my watch we still have more than 56 days and numerous hours to recruit at least 146 more people. 
Here's how you can help: forward the link in this email, or share this link on Facebook or on Twitter. Help make sure as many people as possible see this video and sign up!
ALSO, let us know if we can say a few words or show our short video at your next event, and if you would like to have a meet up of some kind in the next 56 days and change let us know and we'll come to you.
Right now leaders in the Northshore, Waukesha, and within City of Milwaukee are helping us set up opportunities to talk in their communities in May, let us know if you can help us host a local event - house party, coffee meeting, luncheon, etc - to let people in your area hear about this big project. You can either use this link or just reply to this email (or call me anytime)

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