What's as Big as 36 & 1/2 Michigan Stadiums?

What's 36 and 1/2 times as big as Michigan Stadium? With room for 109,901 (largest stadium in the USA), it pails in comparison to how many people have just been announced as signing up for coverage through Healthcare.gov!

As recently released, the enrollment numbers for Healthcare.gov have now topped 4 million people! It is important to keep in mind, this only looks at private insurance coverage through Healthcare.gov, when you look at young adults now covered on their parents' plans, individuals covered by Medicaid etc, that number is well above 10 million covered lives!

While this new freedom to be guaranteed access to quality affordable care is great for the nation as well as the law, it is not as great for Wisconsin as it could be. We do not yet have the new Wisconsin state numbers, but at last release 2 weeks ago Wisconsin was lagging beyond our neighbors in the speed of enrollment as well as signing young people up

This matters because if our enrollment is lower than other states, if young people do not sign up as fast as Minnesota and Illinois for example, there may be troubles for Wisconsin. Not in terms of if the law will succeed, it will, but in comparisons in cost between states. Already Wisconsinites on average are spending substantially more than Minnesota residents for health coverage, that trend could be made worse if we continue to let our state fail to educate all who need it about how to enroll in health coverage.

Help us get the word out! Share these enrollment memes throughout March!

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