Milwaukee Healthcare Team - 2015 in Review

The ACA is here to stay!

Here’s what our team has accomplished since our first meeting in September of 2015!

Presentation at Marquette University on the high cost of healthcare in Milwaukee.

Member-owners helped with promotion of the presentation and turnout. ~40 students and community members attended.

Open enrollment promotion and trainings:

Held 2 open enrollment trainings for members and allies on how to promote open enrollment without a license, and how to message it to others at the office of the WI Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals. Over 30 people attended.

Launched a speakers bureau for trained members to speak to organizations about open enrollment. So far we have spoken to 16th St Community Health Center, Marquette University Social Welfare Department, Marquette Nursing Department, a Community Health Worker training program and more.

Social Media Countdown for Open Enrollment: Each day throughout the month of October, a photo of a Co-op member holding a sign with the open enrollment date was posted to the Citizen Action of Wisconsin Facebook page. The photos included a countdown to November 1st – the first day of the open enrollment period.

Phone bank calling Wisconsinites who likely are not enrolled in a healthcare plan and encourage them to go on the exchange ( and purchase health insurance. This is an ongoing effort through the end of the current open enrollment period, January 31st.

Press conference in front of Sen Ron Johnson’s office to address high cost of prescription drugs.

Collected hundreds of prescription drug bottles, filled them with personal healthcare stories gathered from across the state, and delivered them to Senator Johnson’s office. ~40 member-owners and activists attended. The event was covered by radio stations around the state.

Circulated petitions to promote pro-ACA message:

“Tell Sen Ron Johnson and other legislators that the ACA is here to stay and it’s time to move forward to address health care costs and make health care work for everyone!”

 Robert Kraig met with team to discuss ways to reduce high cost of healthcare in WI.

A new health insurance rate review bill co-sponsored by Sen. Chris Larson and Rep. Deb Kolste was discussed. See Robert Kraig and Kevin Kane's Op-Ed, "How to rein in state's high health insurance costs."

Team Goals for 2016!

  • Continue open enrollment efforts until January 31st deadline with phone banks, flyers, and government PSAs.
  • Explore new opportunities to advocate around issues of healthcare costs, prescription drug recovery, surprise medical bills, promoting sign up and more.
  • Public health PSAs raising awareness of vaccines, co-sleeping, use of space heaters.
  • Utilize any and all data from Robert Kraig and Kevin Kane. Encourage letters to editor, social media, contacts with legislators and continue to recruit new Co-op members!
  • Continue to work with other groups/organizations when possible.
  • Get more member-owners to join Milwaukee Healthcare Team, and work with Waukesha Healthcare team when possible.
  • Acquire more knowledge regarding rural areas in Wisconsin


Join the Milwaukee Healthcare Team in 2016! Contact Co-op organizer Anna Dvorak at to find out how you can help!


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