Minnesota moving towards increasing minimum wage

by: Carolyn Castore, Organizer
Citizen Action of Wisconsin

Once again, our neighbor to the west is likely to choose a different path than Wisconsin.  Last year, Minnesota chose to take federal Medicaid funds.  They now have more people covered and people are paying less for healthcare than Wisconsin. Minnesota already has had a stronger economic recovery in terms of job creation.  Now, the Minnesota legislature is poised to raise the state's minimum wage to $9.50 per hour.  Our legislature won't hold a hearing on the minimum wage and Scott Walker has said he would refuse to sign a bill raising minimum wage.  Minnesota has had much better results with the decisions it has made.  Maybe Walker and the legislature should take a lesson.

Contact me at carolyn.castore@citizenactionwi.org if you want to get involved in our campaign to raise Wisconsin's minimum wage.

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