New Poll Shows Significant Bi-Partisan Support for Early Voting

Yet, Wisconsin conservatives push reducing early voting hours in Wisconsin

A new nationwide USA TODAY/Bipartisan Policy Center poll finds large majorities of Americans support numerous proposals that build confidence in elections. Specifically, the poll found widespread support from Republicans, Independents, and Democrats for expanding early voting. When asked, do you support or oppose allowing voting at regular polling places in the days leading up to Election Day? 67% of Republicans said they supported early voting, along with 75% of Independents and 81% of Democrats.

Unfortunately in Wisconsin, Republicans in the state legislature are pursuing legislation restricting early voting access in Wisconsin. GOP State Representative Duey Stroebel is sponsoring AB 54 which will reduce the time early voting is available in Wisconsin. We need to stop this bad bill. 

Please contact your state legislators and urge them to OPPOSE AB 54. Wisconsin should work to expand and strengthen early voting in Wisconsin. 

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