Over 2 Million to See BadgerCare Referenda

Yesterday the St Croix County Board voted 14-2 to become the 10th Wisconsin county to place an advisory referendum on accepting federal funds for BadgerCare on its November ballot. This means that over 2,072,900 Wisconsin residents will see this question on their county's ballot.

St Croix county is now joining the following counties - La Crosse, Eau Claire, Dunn, Clark, Lincoln, Milwaukee, Bayfield, Dane and Outagamie in ensuring their citizens have a voice as to whether Wisconsin should accept federal funds for BadgerCare.

The St Croix county board was so persuaded by the real world impact the Governor's decision on BadgerCare would have for their county. A Legislative Fiscal Bureau estimate shows that roughly 848 St Croix county residents would gain access to affordable health coverage through BadgerCare and that $24,470,000 in federal funds would enter their county economy alone between now and 2021. 

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