People Impacted by Walker's New Health Plan

We are currently crunching the numbers showing how people who currently are able to get affordable quality health insurance thanks to the Affordable Care Act would suffer by Scott Walker's proposed healthcare plan. 

A 60 year old in Milwaukee, Wisconsin making $20,000 would lose $4,474 per year in tax credits designed to mitigate the cost of their healthcare, not counting out of pocket cost reductions they are currently eligible for that would be repealed.

A 45 year old woman in Manchester, New Hampshire who is a breast cancer survivor making $80,000 a year would no longer be protected across the board by restrictions on insurance companies discriminating against her because of preexisting conditions put in place by the Affordable Care Act. Her only option under Walker's plan would be to go to a "high risk pool" made up of other people with health conditions.

A 23 year old young man in Des Moines, Iowa accepting his first entry level job out of college would suddenly face hundreds of dollars per year in extra costs in premiums and deductibles in Walker's plan as they would no longer be guaranteed to stay on their parents plan as they begin their professional life.

A couple, each 48 years old, in Houston, Texas whose breadwinner had their hours cut and only made $16,000 in a given year would see their current tax credits from the Affordable Care Act cut by ~$3,156 a year under Walker's plan, whereas the equivalent couple in the same city earning $10 million a year would see their tax credits increase by $4,200 a year.

A 35 year old woman working for a profitable employer of over 200 employees who didn't offer employer health insurance before the Affordable Care Act, one of the few who didn't, could find herself back purchasing insurance on her own as the employer could once again drop coverage. Thus increasing her cost of health insurance substantially.

A small business owner in Milwaukee Wisconsin with 10 employees paying 80% of the cost with payroll averaging under $50,000 a year could lose $6,680 worth of small business tax credits provided to small employers under the Affordable Care Act if repealed by Walker.

A 24 year old young woman purchasing a health insurance after Walker's plan goes into effect could find out that her health insurance no longer provides free preventive health services, requiring her to pay co-pays and deductibles on preventive treatment.

A father of a 16 year old son just diagnosed with depression could find out that thanks to Walker's plan his insurance no longer covers mental health coverage or provide free depression screenings.

A 40 year old woman in perfect health shopping for an insurance plan could find out that insurance companies can once again charge her more than her male counterparts just because of her gender.

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