Stand Against the Ryan Budget

By elevating Paul Ryan to the national presidential ticket, Mitt Romney has greatly increased the stakes of this election.  Ryan’s plan is not a deficit reduction plan at all, it is a cover to implement an extreme agenda that would leave many Americans on their own.  Ryan irresponsibly gives massive new tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans even larger than the Bush era tax breaks, making a tax system that is already rigged against middle class and low income Americans even more unfair.

Ryan’s plan also undermines Medicare’s guarantee of health security for seniors, one of the great achievements of the 20th Century.  Ryan plan actually costs 40% more than traditional Medicare per enrollee, and any savings to the government are more than offset by massive new tax breaks for the wealthy.  Ryan voucher plan doubles out-of-pocket cost for seniors, which will force many to choose between health coverage and the other necessities of life.

Ryan also raises the Medicare eligibility age to 67 and repeals the Affordable Care Act’s protections against preexisting condition discrimination. Without the guarantee that people with preexisting conditions can purchase insurance at an affordable cost, 66 and 67 year-olds will be at the mercy of health insurance industry.

Ryan slashing cuts to Medicaid will cut by over one-third of the funding for BadgerCare, and home care and nursing home care for seniors and people with disabilities.  By repealing the Affordable Care Act, Ryan would also will make discrimination based on preexisting conditions legal again.

By signing this petition, I am expressing my strong opposition to Paul Ryan’s budget plan.

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