Portage County Supports BadgerCare

Become the 17th county to speak out, Portage County has passed a resolution calling on the state to accept the federal Medicaid funds for BadgerCare!

This issue is growing across the state, more and more citizens are realizing that the state needs to accept the federal Medicaid funding to ensure that everyone, even the low income, deserve guaranteed access to affordable healthcare.

The 17 counties that have called for the state to take the federal funds for BadgerCare: Outagamie, Winnebago, Manitowoc, Milwaukee, Jefferson, Dane, Richland, Iowa, La Crosse, Clark, Dunn, Wood, Eau Claire, Marathon, Lincoln, and Oneida. And on top of that, the Wisconsin Counties Association has spoken out in favor of accepting the federal funds too

This issue is not going away, and more and more counties and organizations are speaking up as to why this issue of accepting federal funds for BadgerCare is important. Because of the over 250 organizations that have publicly called for accepting these funds, and because of how important this is to the tens of thousands of residents, it is our argument that this will happen, it is just a question of how long politicians like Walker can hold out. Already the Governor of Pennsylvania has changed his mind, let's not be surprised if more do.

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