need to add a little more to be specific in some areas

slide - 2 - to kids with pre-existing conditions including congenital heart and spine defects.

slide - 3 - to cancer survivors and adults with diagnosed congenital defects like heart, spine and physiological problems.

slide - 5 - 'freedom' would be more readable with a larger font.

slide - 6 or 7 - message would be stronger with the addition of -
Everyone should take responsibility to reduce health care costs by at least, having annual physicals to spot problems before they become costly.

slide 25 - add to next big thing - Negations for Prescription drug costs.
                                                    - Dental coverage.

slides 26 - 29 are GREAT!

slide - 33 - add - "To many uninsured ARE still are using costly emergency departments for basic and minor care."

Between 35 & 36 add a simple slide for a pause "

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