Progressives Are At Long Last Coming Together

by Robert Kraig, executive director

Today in Washington DC a powerful new federation of state grassroots organizations is being launched.

People’s Action is the merger of three well-known organizing networks, USAction, Alliance for a Just Society, and National People’s Action. People’s Action brings together strong state-based organizing groups from 33 states. Citizen Action of Wisconsin is the Wisconsin affiliate of the new network.

I have been personally involved with the merger process over the last 16 months. Bringing together three national organizations is very challenging. It would have been much less risky for each organization to keep doing as it had been doing.

What’s exciting about People’s Action is it comes out of a realization that progressives need to stop fighting small skirmishes, and pull together to build the mass movements we need to break down economic and racial inequality and make America everything it can be. These campaigns need to be smart and strategic, combining traditional organizing with the latest communication technologies and message framing techniques.

We also need stronger and more resilient organizing infrastructure to cope with the next unexpected event, like an economic meltdown, so that next time we can turn the failures of the system into an opportunity to create an economy that truly works for everyone.

Writing this blog from the first board meeting of People’s Action, I am very inspired by the talent, diversity, and commitment of the leaders in the room. I am hopeful that this truly is a new beginning for progressive reform in America.

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