Raising the Minimum Wage in 2014 Elections

Citizen Action of Wisconsin believes skyrocketing inequality is a defining crisis of our age, undermining the values of freedom, opportunity, and democracy at the core of our vision for a just society. Developing a strategy to substantially reduce economic inequality and race-based disparities in Wisconsin is an immense task.

Breaking the right’s grip on the way the public thinks about the economy and government, and constructing a compelling alternative vision which empowers average people to take action to realize democracy’s full potential to shape our own destiny is Citizen Action of Wisconsin's long term goal.

An important early step in this strategy is to inject economic opportunity into the 2014 elections. Raising the minimum wage to $10.10 is an issue with the public saliency to impact elections in 2014 and serve as a gateway issue for building a long-term base of supporters for a progressive vision of the economy.

Pledge to Vote to Raise the Minimum Wage

A vote on raising the minimum wage is expected in the U.S. Senate tomorrow around 11 AM central. Following the vote tomorrow at 4pm central, The White House Office of Public Engagement would like to invite you to participate in a conference call with Vice President Biden and Secretary Thomas Perez. The call is to discuss the President's campaign to Raise the Minimum Wage.

All Participants MUST preregister for this teleconference HERE. Once you register, a confirmation page will display dial-in numbers and a unique PIN, and the participant will also receive an email confirmation of this information.

 Pledge to Vote in 2014 to Raise the Minimum Wage


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