Recommended Reading: Public Insurance Advantage

Check out this latest blog post in the Wall Street Journal by Drew Altman, president and CEO of Kaiser Family Foundation, on public insurance coverage's inflation advantage. Check it out.

" cumulative growth in per capita spending, Medicare and Medicaid have generally grown more slowly than private insurance and are projected to continue doing so through 2023"

The chart in the blog shows that since 2007 Medicaid and Medicare per capita costs have only risen 6% and 14% respectively, with private insurance rising more than double that at 29%.

"While Medicare and Medicaid are far from perfect, the purchasing power and policy levers available to large public programs appear to give them an edge over our fragmented private insurance system when it comes to controlling spending."

When we talk about the cost of healthcare being too high, it is because we can point to examples of ways to control health inflation. We can point to states that are doing better than others. 

In the meantime, check the story out and let us know what you think.


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