Referendum Locations

(Updated August 21, 2014)

Counties and cities across the state have been working to give their citizens a chance to weigh in on one of the most important public policy questions of the day - shall the state of Wisconsin accept federal funds for BadgerCare? The following localities in Wisconsin will put this question directly to Wisconsin voters in November.

Bayfield County (pop 15,156)
Chippewa County (pop 63,132)
Clark County (pop 34,615)
Dane County (pop 509,939)
Douglas County (43,887)
Dunn County (pop 44,122)
Eau Claire County (pop 101,438)
Florence County (pop 4,520)
Iron County (pop 5,886)
Jefferson County (pop 84,509)
Kenosha, City of (pop 99,889)
La Crosse County (pop 116,713)
Lincoln County (pop 28,684)
Milwaukee County (pop 956,023)
Oneida County (pop 35,689)
Outagamie County (pop 180,345)
Portage County (pop 70,380)
Rock County (pop 160,739)
St Croix County (pop 85,930)
Wood County (pop 73,959)

Total population covered by BadgerCare Referendum: 2,715,555

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