BadgerCare and Minimum Wage Referendums will be on the November ballot throughout Wisconsin

Following the Primary Election, 2.4 million voters in 16 localities turn their attention to referenda on BadgerCare and Minimum Wage.

As the primary elections conclude today, candidates for the November 4th election ballot will be determined. However even before the final primary votes are tallied and candidates selected, two referendums are already slated for the November 2014 ballot, BadgerCare and Minimum Wage. Over 2.4 million voters in Wisconsin already will have opportunity to vote on advisory referendums in nearly 20 municipalities.

Residents in at least 12 Wisconsin counties will see on their November ballot a question whether the state should accept federal Medicaid funds for BadgerCare. Residents in at least 5 counties and 3 cities will see a referendum on raising the state minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.

Counties with BadgerCare Referendums Include:
Bayfield County (15,156 residents)
Chippewa County (63,132)
Clark County (34,615) 
Dane County (509,939) 
Dunn County (44,122)
Eau Claire County (101,438) 
Jefferson County (84,509)
La Crosse County (116,713)
Lincoln County (28,684) 
Milwaukee County (956,023) 
Outagamie County (180,345)
St Croix County (85,930)

2.4 MILLION.jpg

Municipalities with Minimum Wage Referendum Include:
City of Appleton (73,596 residents)
Dane County (509,939) 
Eau Claire County (101,438) 
Kenosha County (167,757) 
La Crosse County (116,713) 
Milwaukee County (956,023)
City of Menasha (17,588)
City of Neenah (25,892)

Total number of Wisconsin residents seeing a referendum on BadgerCare and/or Minimum Wage: 2,444,421

Many more Wisconsin localities are considering whether to hold referendums on BadgerCare and Minimum Wage. Localities have until the end of August to decide whether to hold an advisory referendum on one or both issues.

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