Rep Krug on BadgerCare: Unsubscribe!

With the Assembly voting tomorrow (Wednesday) to deny access to 80,000 Wisconsinites in BadgerCare for months at a time in order to delay cutting coverage for thousands till March 31st, citizens are trying whatever they can to speak out against this inane policy of robbing Peter's health care to pay for Paul's. One mother who is being kicked off of BadgerCare is being kept on until March 31st at the expense of her own adult son who now cannot join BadgerCare January 1st as the Governor promised, created a video that was sent around to state legislators.

Representative Scott Krug's (R-Nekoosa) response to the video? "Unsubscribe!"

Despite the Assembly vote being TOMORROW, this state representative does not want to hear from Wisconsinites who stand to lose. This decision matters. State Representative Krug promised, in his vote on the state budget, that 80,000 Wisconsinites would gain coverage into BadgerCare on January 1st. They are trying to rescind that promise and think you won't notice, and the contempt for the public on this is clear.


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  • commented 2013-12-03 17:18:10 -0600
    I is such a shame we continue to elect Republican officials who SELDOM LISTEN TO THEIR CONSTITUENTS. NEXT TIME VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE. They won’t have to be bothered by constituents.