Rev David Huber, Eau Claire

I am Wisconsin native, growing up in Janesville (though both my parents had their family roots in the Black River/Sparta area). I have been a proud union member of both the UAW and UFCW (at the GM plant and at Woodmans in Janesville), and many of my aunts, uncles, and cousins have been or are UAW members. I have seen in my life the power that comes from people organizing, both through the union experiences of my family, and in other social justice issues. Because The Powers that Be are most often able to stack the deck in their favor, ordinary people of good conscience must organize on their own behalf and the behalf of the powerless others - and history has shown time and time again that no matter how badly the hand dealt them, when we are in solidarity, we win. The GOP in this state has been completely out of control, but they can be defeated, and this Western Wisconsin Co-op is exactly the group that can do it.

I am currently the pastor of Plymouth United Church of Christ in Eau Claire, with previous experience at other churches, as well as working for Lehman Brothers and McKinsey & Co. in NYC, and former life as an electrical engineer before entering ministry. I am very concerned about the issues of poverty, minimum/living wage, public transportation,climate change, and voters' rights. 

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