Shelly Brenneman, Valley Stewardship Network

Shelly has been a tireless activist for protection of our local Kickapoo River and adjacent watersheds. She has spearheaded new programs at Valley Stewardship Network that are designed to work with landowners, farmers, and other interested people to create best management practices on their land. She is warm-hearted and kind and seeks to unite folks from all walks of life in their common goal of keeping our rivers healthy. Cattle farmers seek her help to develop nutrient management plans, to keep nutrients on the land and out of the water. Other landowners have included pollinator habitats and buffer strips to promote the greatest natural diversity in our riparian ecosystems. Shelly works well with everyone and has begun a new chapter in the history of Valley Stewardship Network by forming partnerships with other organizations including the Prairie Enthusiasts and Kickapoo Woods Cooperative. Trout Unlimited and Vernon County Land and Water Conservation Dept have also worked with Shelly and VSN to promote programs that protect our unique and diverse ecosystems in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin. Shelly has been a real force for uniting conservation voices from all over and from different viewpoints. She is a true steward of the land. 

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