Robin Vos' comment on UW is just idiotic

By Randy O'Connell,

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said that University of Wisconsin research should focus on helping the state's economy, "not on ancient mating habits of whatever." It is utterly amazing that Vos would make such an idiotic comment about the UW. We do not have to tout the vast accomplishments and contributions made by our flagship university.

Vos' comment again illustrates how many of our elected officials have no grasp of the value of a four-year college education. It is quite evident that these individuals have problems stemming from their own inability to either start or finish a post-secondary education.

It's interesting how a certain political party effected a tuition freeze for the UW. It was no more than a political move in an election year to appear like they give a rip about the UW students.

If this administration is so caring about the students, then why are they not endorsing the refinancing of student loans? Everyone else has the opportunity to refinance their loans. Also, if they were so concerned about our students, why are they not removing obstacles to better financial aid opportunities?

I would recommend to Vos and his ilk that they stay out of UW matters and tend to what they do best, which would be addressing fluff issues like naming the lemming the new state animal or whatever.

- Randy O'Connell live is Omro, Wisconsin, and is a Citizen Action of Wisconsin member.

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  • commented 2014-11-20 08:03:44 -0600
    It wouldn’t do any good for the UW to focus on how to make the ecomomy better when the Republicans in power are contstanly and single mindedly focused on keeping the middle class, middle class, or even lesss than that. If anything, the UW should focus on showing how the Republican Party is and has been lax in doing anything but obstructing any positive direction that has been suggested.