Robocalls Anti-Reform

This afternoon I received an anonymous call from the "Faith & Freedom Action Fund" with an ominous sounding  message about how ObamaCare is killing the whole country, and must NOT be allowed to continue.   It sounded like Rush Limbaugh (but was not), who fulminated about how "They are creating huge govt bureaucracies in health care, wasting billions, " . . and all the other lies from the GOP that are crescendoing this month.   "We must collect ____ number of signatures to do (  . . ..) as the Supreme Court said we  can . ..

Then it ended with, "Hit 1 to add your name to the petition."  Then another voice said "call 855-600-6059 if you wish to be taken off this list."

Have others been getting these calls in Wisconsin?  Perhaps this came from a national office, I don't really know. All related to the Family Research Council.

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