Scott Walker Intimidated! Most prominent opponent of health care freedom on the presidential campaign trail is calling it quits.

According to the New York Times. Scott Walker is dropping out of the Presidential race! That is huge news, but especially so for all of those who have fought to make sure the Affordable Care Act is here to stay!

Scott Walker has been one of the most prominent voices to repeal the Affordable Care Act. He's attacked it, tried to sabotage it in Wisconsin, called out Congress for not doing more to repeal the law, and announced his own damaging proposal to replace it. And now the most prominent opponent of health care freedom on the campaign trail is calling it quits!

There is no question, the Affordable Care Act is here to stay. Too many people are getting lifesaving treatment, are protected against preexisting condition discrimination, and have health care that can never be taken away for it to ever be repealed. The law is here to stay, we will not let it be taken away!

This does not yet mean, however, that conservatives will stop attacking it over and over again. Senator Ron Johnson has continued calls for repeal, and politicians in Madison are still blocking efforts to make healthcare more affordable. Enough is enough.

Take a minute and join our call - Tell all politicians, the Affordable Care Act is here to stay! 

Add your name to the call that lawmakers in Madison and Washington focus not on re-fighting the debate of 5 years ago, but instead on actually making healthcare affordable!

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