Senate Rebellion to Walker on BadgerCare

Citizen Action of Wisconsin said over a month ago that opposition was building in state Senate to Gov. Scott Walker's plan to reject federal expansion of BadgerCare. Since then, organizations, citizens and county governments across the state have spoken up against this plan to deny thousands access to BadgerCare, and cut tens of thousands more off.

Now, we once again say that Walker does not have the support from his own party to reject billions in federal funds for BadgerCare.

From the senators' own words:

  • Senator Joseph Liebham (Sheboygan) - (Biz Journal) "At least two Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature are breaking ranks with Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal for sending about 100,000 Medicaid enrollees to new health-insurance exchanges."
  • Senator Jerry Petrowski (Marathon) - (Wausau Daily Herald) Petrowski said in response to a Daily Herald Media inquiry on Monday that he has concerns about Walker’s proposal and had already planned to meet with the governor today.“This is a serious issue, and should be dealt with as such, not used as political football,” he said in the statement.
  • Senator Dale Schultz (Richland Center) - (Cap Times) “It’s clear to me that accepting the federal Medicaid dollars, the way Republican Gov. John Kasich did in Ohio, is in the best short- and long-term interest of the people of Wisconsin,” Schultz said
  • Senator Alberta Darling (River Hills) -  (Fox 11) "A Republican state senator says the state should slow down Gov. Scott Walker's plans to shift thousands of patients from state coverage into the federal health care program"
  • Senator Terry Moulton (Chippewa Falls) - (Video from Public Hearing) "I think the fiscally responsible thing to do is take the [Medicaid] expansion...I look at 9 other Governors who have opposed taking the federal money have now changed their mind on this decision"
  • Senator Luther Olsen (Ripon) - (WI Eye) "In my life I never leave any money on the table, and it seems to me that we're sort of leaving some money on the table here" "Sen Olsen to Department of Health Services Secretary on a hearing on BadgerCare

Citizen Action is aware of additional state senators not mentioned above that troubled by the idea of refusing billions in federal funds that would cover their constituents, fund their health providers, and save the state budget $100 million this budget alone.

Republicans control the Wisconsin State Senate with an 18 to 15 seat majority. 2 GOP state senators could swing the direction of the state budget.

Video of Luther Olsen


Video of Terry Moulton

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