Share Your Voice: Meet Tyree Wonders

Tyree Wonders is a 40-year-old single father who is training to become an electrician. Tyree hopes one day he will become better prepared to financially take care of his family. Tyree is only looking for the opportunity to have the freedom a good job provides.

Tyree has not had a full time job for more than three years since he was laid off by the County of Milwaukee. Tyree had to move in with his mother to make ends meet. He has had a lot of temporary jobs but no permanent opportunities.

Tyree is presently under-employed working as a home care worker taking care of his brother who is mentally challenged. He also takes care of his mother, his two-tear-old daughter, and his father who recently had a stroke.

Life is a challenge for Tyree. He has lost weight and is under a lot of stress. He appreciates the fight for an increase in the minimum wage but understands that even $10.10 will be difficult to sustain a family on. Regardless, Tyree will continue to fight for an increase in the minimum wage and to train himself to be an electrician.

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    I didn’t know they used my story wow.