Sharon Keigher, Milwaukee

The potential impact of growing a Progressive, Participatory, Shareholder/Member organization in Wisconsin offers unlimited prospects for change, because there is nowhere to go but UP for Progressive voters right now. I would consider it an honor to serve on the first Steering Committee of this project. In my career I’ve been a Social Worker, agency Administrator, and State Budget Analyst. In 1985 I earned my PhD from the University of Chicago, then was a Professor of Social Work for 27 years, teaching Social and Health Policy, Theories of Organizations and Communities, and Gerontology. I conducted qualitative research on homelessness, poverty, caregiving, and HIV/AIDS, published, and served as editor-in-chief of a national SW journal. In my 20 years at UW-Milwaukee, I learned a lot from assigning students to investigate neighborhoods, agencies and elected officials, to understand the arcane complexities of obtaining social services here.
Most importantly, I have loved living in Milwaukee for 23 years, but remain disturbed by our potent racial segregation, disparities in quality of life, and our lack of public transportation, integrated housing, livable-wage jobs, and justice. We need to recruit people of color immediately to strengthen this organization.

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