Stop Wisconsin Conservatives' Plan to Cut Unemployment Insurance from 26 Weeks to 12 Weeks

Last week, Senator Ron Johnson once again voted against reinstating unemployment benefits for the long term unemployed. That proposal was fully paid for--once a condition for Republican support. 7 Republicans did vote for the bill--one short of the 60 votes needed.

Ron Johnson could have been that one vote and shown that he does represent more than conservatives in Wisconsin. He could have helped ensure that those in Wisconsin who are unemployed will be given time to find a job.  Finding a job is hard when there are 3 people looking for work for every job vacancy.

Senator Ron Johnson will be back in the state next week since Congress is in recess once again.  Let's let him know that his job includes addressing the problems of the unemployed. 

Unfortunately, conservatives in the Wisconsin legislature have a plan to cut jobless benefits in Wisconsin from 26 weeks to 12 weeks. We need to stop this bad idea!

Sign our petition against GOP efforts to cut UI.

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