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Employers dropping healthcare for 1/1/14

I heard that Walgreens is dropping health care coverage and employees are blaming Obamacare.  How do we respond that they should be angry with Walgreens and not Obama?

Out of Pocket Limits

It is my understanding there are no out of pocket limits.  My recently disabled husband is going to need to purchase something off the exchange to get him through the period where his COBRA ends and his Medicare starts.  One hospitalization in the next six months could be very costly, even paying only ten percent.  Is there going to be some kind of supplemental insurance available?

BadgerCare, Walker and Wisconsin

Since our Governer is against helping the working poor people of Wisconsin by not accepting federal funding that would expand Badgercare, should those of us who are on Badgercare sign up for the Affordable Care Act in October or wait until he kicks us off of it before we sign up.  How and when will we know if we are the ones being kicked off of our Badgercare?

Medigap coverage

If I am on Medicare, can I get a Medigap insurance through the ACA?

October 1st still?

With all the backpedaling Obama is doing with this Act and his caving with the Republicans,  am I still going to be able to search the marketplace come Oct. 1?

Since I'm retired and not on an employer's retirement healthcare plan,  what is the maximum income allowed for an individual to obtain a subsidy?

Who and Why

Who should make themselves available to the health market place?
How is it possible that polling shows 60% do not favor the ACA?

Impact of ACA on retired participants in Medicare Advantage plans.

What practical impact will the ACA have on currently retired persons who are  enrolled in private insurance Medicare Advantage healthcare plan? (e.g., AARP endorsed MedicareComplete insured through UnitedHealthcare [UHc]) 

Robocalls Anti-Reform

This afternoon I received an anonymous call from the "Faith & Freedom Action Fund" with an ominous sounding  message about how ObamaCare is killing the whole country, and must NOT be allowed to continue.   It sounded like Rush Limbaugh (but was not), who fulminated about how "They are creating huge govt bureaucracies in health care, wasting billions, " . . and all the other lies from the GOP that are crescendoing this month.   "We must collect ____ number of signatures to do (  . . ..) as the Supreme Court said we  can . ..

Then it ended with, "Hit 1 to add your name to the petition."  Then another voice said "call 855-600-6059 if you wish to be taken off this list."

Have others been getting these calls in Wisconsin?  Perhaps this came from a national office, I don't really know. All related to the Family Research Council.

Obamacare and Pain

I am in Fargo, ND, taking care of my brother and mother. My mother has injured her leg and can't get around very well. My brother had an emergency surgery for a burst appendix two weeks ago. His recovery is very slow and painful. I was talking on the phone with one of my mom's friends, and was mentioning how much pain my brother was in and how the medications weren't helping much. She said, "Well, when Obamacare comes in, who knows what kind of help he'd get for pain." Does she mean that we won't have any say about our treatment, that "Obamacare" will decide? Or that pain meds won't be covered?  It was a very strange comment, not really clear, but her opposition to the ACA was clear.  I was surprised at her comment and wasn't quite sure how to respond. I just said, "Well, I don't think that's true."
It's smart to anticipate some of the weird attacks that are out there concerning the ACA. If you could give us some comebacks and some good talking points of our own that would be helpful.

Doctors and admitting

A Doctor is saying can not do two procedures on the same day because of the Affordable Care Act, and patient has to return next day for second procedure?? Is this bogus??

Out of state health care

The company I work for is out of state and the health insurance they have is horrible and expensive. What choices will I have for affordable health care in  the state I live in?

hepatitis and substance abuse treatment

I know the hepatitis treatment is expensive and my daughter needs it.  We are paying for her methadone treatment right now and it is expensive.  She is not working and is homeless at this time.  She was staying with me in a hud unit for the elderly and I broke my lease by having her there.  She is doing better on the methadone.  I asked her if she told them that she is homeless and she said that they would kick her off the program for not having a place to live.  She will turn 27 on August 6th.  I heard of a new drug called vivitrol which is injectable, but the cost is 1,100.00 a month.  Please help.  I am on badger care at the present time.  I am one of the lucky ones.

How will exchanges work in Wisconsin?

Given that the state has refused to set up its own exchange, that responsibility falls to the Federal government. It would help in your presentations on the ACA if you could explain how this is going to work in Wisconsin -- there is only a (literally) parenthetical reference to the issue in your otherwise excellent PP presentation.

Poor people screwed again!

As far as I can see, us poor working people are screwed.  Our income would have qualified us for Medicaid/BadgerCare, but our once progressive, enlightened state is now in the dark ages and we are screwed.  We are too young to be on Medicare and too old to make more money.  We are waiting for the other shoe to drop- when it does, we will go somewhere to die, as claiming political asylum in an actually-civilized country seems unlikely.  Goes to show tiny-hearted Republicans only care about you until you are born (and 'whoa" to the idiots who elect them)...

After Rejecting Medicaid?

Will low income people be fined in Wisconsin now that our Governor has turned down the Medicaid expansion? And what about the unemployed?

Pre-existing condition?

How does one go about getting insurance if they have pre-existing conditions (which everyone alive has) and what do you do if your employeer offers insurance but say they will never cover anything pre-existing as well as medication you have take for a pre-existing condition