The Paul Ryan Challenge

Dr Robert Kraig, Executive Director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin is so unimpressed with the seriousness of the Paul Ryan Budget Plan that he has called out any Wisconsin Conservative leader to debate him publicly on the plan in a joint approved venue in any media market in Wisconsin. If this plan is so popular that it passed the House of Representatives TWICE then there should be some Conservative Leader who would agree to defend it! (Read Dr Robert Kraig's bio here)

Rules of the challenge: To agree to the debate, you must be a Wisconsin-based Conservative Leader with knowledge of the Paul Ryan Budget plan. The debate will be live and video-taped to be broadcast online, as well as open to Wisconsin Media. The date and venue is flexible and can be discussed upon acceptance of the challenge. Format of the debate agenda can be discussed as well. TO ACCEPT THIS CHALLENGE CLICK HERE!

Here's how you can help: Click "I Support Robert Kraig's Challenge!" below, and you'll be given the opportunity to share this video and challenge. You will also be given the chance to share this page with any conservative leader you think would be willing to challenge Robert!

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