The GOP's heartless plan to cut food stamps for 6 million people

By: Ross Wallen

Your mother may have told you that life is about the choices you make and the values they represent. My mom definitely did and her words of wisdom guide me to this day.

So what does it say about Republicans in the House who are eager to deny food assistance to hungry children and families, while they protect tax breaks for big corporations and the ultra-rich?

House Republicans are calling for a $40 billion cut to SNAP, formerly known as food stamps, which would eliminate food assistance for 4 to 6 million low-income people.1 Congress will vote on this heartless bill as early as Wednesday.

But if we make enough noise, we can defeat this proposal and protect the food assistance that millions of Americans rely on to put dinner on the table. With a vote coming up THIS WEEK, tell Congress: Don't cut food stamps for 6 million low-income people.

We desperately need to invest in jobs and prosperity for all but the GOP has it backwards –these SNAP cuts will increase hunger in America and kill 55,000 jobs in the first year alone.2 The House GOP doesn’t care that one in six Americans struggled with hunger last year and that SNAP provided support for 47 million Americans, 72% of which were families with children, in 2011.3

And just what exactly would the GOP rather spend our tax dollars on than reducing hunger?

Instead of funding food assistance programs that will keep 4 to 6 million from going hungry in the night, the GOP would rather defend corporate tax breaks and loopholes like the one that allowed corporations to deduct more than $30 billion in multi-millionaire CEO pay from 2007 to 2010.4

Closing just this loophole would bring in $50 billion in revenue over the next 10 years, $10 billion more than the $40 billion Republicans want to cut from food assistance.5 But where’s the GOP outrage over this? Or the tax deductions for companies that ship jobs and profits overseas that we’ve fought for years to end?

The GOP’s cruel austerity agenda is holding our economy back and hurting the most vulnerable families, children, seniors and veterans in our communities. It’s time we put a stop to it. With a vote just days away, tell Congress: Don't cut food stamps for 6 million low-income people.

Ross Wallen
USAction / TrueMajority

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  • commented 2013-09-22 12:47:20 -0500
    This hits not only poor children hard, but the elderly and disabled who tend to have weakened immune systems to begin with. Most people, oddly, didn’t notice that the elderly poor and disabled on Social Security were put on food stamps a few years ago in place of several cost of living increases. Like the Nazis, America seems to be culling out its weak who are of no use to employers.