The Mystery of the Health Rates

(UPDATE 3:39PM) The OCI website section seems to be back up. More soon. Note these are not all of the 2015 health insurance rates for They are instead the percent increases of existing plans from last year. New insurers and new products will not be reflected with OCI's data.

The new Wisconsin health insurance rates for 2015 are out...wait never mind. (updated at 10:51am)

This is the bizarre series of events that are currently unfolding this week in Wisconsin.  Citizen Action has been calling on the Walker Administration to release the new health insurance rates, which were released by insurance companies to the state during the summer. 

Then a story broke yesterday thanks to Greg Neumann at WKOW, "rate increase will average 3% in Wisconsin in 2015", showing that not only will rate increases be very moderate, and much lower than previous health insurance inflation in Wisconsin prior to the Affordable Care Act, but that some insurance companies were substantially lowering their rates from last year. Much to our bemusement at Citizen Action, ourselves and other advocates were attentively waiting rate release, we almost couldn't believe we missed the announcement. That's because there was no announcement.

Here's where it gets interesting. WKOW posted a link to where the rates could be found on the Insurance Commissioner's (OCI) website. But the link is dead. Looking for them on OCI's website will get you nowhere. There is no announcement from the agency, no press release, no section of the website. The rates seemed to have been pulled from their website after the WKOW story. A staffer at the OCI said that "we will check with IT, come back in a few days".

OCI's insurance rate filing page as of 10:07, 9.24.14

So we are back to Wisconsin no longer having their health insurance rates public. Citizen Action of Wisconsin will keep following this story and update you here. Currently over 30 states have released the 2015 rates but Wisconsin technically can sit on them until up to November 15th.


(update: 10:51am)

Thanks to the Wisconsin Health News that was able to collect the rate increase data before the OCI website went dead. Here are the rough estimates of rate increases from last year, minus one company. All 13 of the insurers from last year are re-entering the marketplace, as well as two new ones: UnitedHealthcare's All Savers Insurance Company and Managed Health Services Insurance Corporation. Becuse these two companies are newly entering the marketplace we do not yet have rate information for them as the data below only shows rate increases from the previous year marketplace plans.

NOTE - these plans are just the rate increase data from the previous year, they are NOT the total rate data for what will be available next year for consumers on average. If a company plans on selling a new product or a new company enters the marketplace that is not included. The Walker Administration must release all the rates before November.

Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative

Rate change: 7.2 percent increase

Impacted policy holders: 24,296


Compcare Health Services Insurance Corporation

Rate change: 9.2 percent increase

Impacted policyholders: 18,961


Dean Health Plan

Rate change: 13.1 percent increase

Impacted policyholders:17,950


Health Tradition Health Plan

Rate change: 1.8 percent increase

Impacted policyholders: 1,527


Medica Health Plans

Rate change: 17 percent decrease

Impacted policyholders: 2,517


MercyCare HMO 

Rate change: 4 percent increase

Impacted policyholders:  647


Molina Healthcare

Rate change: 11.3 percent decrease

Impacted policyholders: 2,935  


Security Health Plan

Rate change: 8.9 percent increase

Impacted policyholders: 24,987


Unity Health Plans Insurance Corporation

Rate change: 4.4 percent increase

Impacted policyholders: 5,750


Arise HMO

Rate change: 10.9 percent

Impacted policyholders: 6,262


Arise POS

Rate change: 9.7 percent increase

Impacted policyholders: 2,053


Gundersen Health Plan

Rate change: 3 percent

Impacted policyholders: 4,345


Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin

Rate change: 16.7 percent decrease

Impacted policyholders: 292


Physicians Plus


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