Top 5 Reasons Scott Walker is Bad Medicine

1.      Protecting Insurance Company Profits: The Walker Administration has consistently sided with large for­ profit insurance companies, using his power to sabotage consumer ­friendly regulations designed to rein in abusive industry practices and windfall profits. Walker shielded insurance companies from public transparency, consumer protections, and controls on excessive profits and overhead under provisions of the Affordable Care Act. 

2.      Medicaid (BadgerCare): Scott Walker’s reckless policy of rejecting federal funds for BadgerCare has left tens of thousands without affordable coverage, costing the state hundreds of millions in higher costs to cover fewer people.

3.      Rural Redlining. Scott Walker’s decision to allow too many ACA coverage regions in the state enabled the health insurance industry to engage in rural redlining, dramatically increasing the cost of health care in rural areas.

4.      Enrollment Hurdles: The Walker Administration's likely unconstitutional restrictions on ACA enrollment helpers across Wisconsin.

5.      Women’s Health Restrictions: The Walker Administration's attacks on women’s right to choose and on access to family planning clinics across Wisconsin.

Scott Walker's policies have raised the cost of health insurance in Wisconsin  As President, Walker’s power to disrupt health care access would be far greater than it is as Governor. Read more on Scott Walker's healthcare record in Wisconsin: "Governor Scott Walker’s Wisconsin Record on Health Reform."

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