Voting Rights and Good Government Team - 2015 in Review

Getting progressives elected, increasing voter turnout, and recruiting more people to get active and join the Co-op!

The Voting Rights and Good Government team has been meeting since September of 2015. Here’s what we’ve accomplished in the past 4 months:

Organizing around National Voter Registration Day (September 22, 2015):

  • Over 20 Co-op member-owners got trained to be Special Registration Deputies, the certification needed to register people to vote in the city of Milwaukee
  • On National Voter Registration Day, Co-op member-owners and organizational partners registered over 160 people

Actions to save the GAB and campaign finance laws

Co-op member-owners made over 1,300 phone calls to Citizen Action members in key state senate districts and urged them to call their senators and express opposition to bills that would eliminate the Government Accountability Board and gut campaign finance laws.

Photo ID Training

Organized a training on new photo ID laws, including what is in the law, what IDs are valid and which are not, and what members should do if they come across a voter who does not have a valid photo ID for voting. The training was given by Co-op member-owner and leader of Supermarket Legends, Linea Sundstrom.  Over 20 people attended the training. 

Targeted Photo ID Outreach

Citizen Action organizer, Anita Johnson, helped organizer Co-op members to reach out to Milwaukee area residents who likely do not have a valid ID for voting. In 4 days, over 20 Co-op member-owners made over 1,500 phone calls!

Spring election involvement on the Northwest side of Milwaukee

Our team has developed a strategic plan to get progressive candidates elected, increase voter turnout, and recruit more Co-op members in that area of the city.  In addition to targeted outreach to likely voters, team and Co-op members will help Milwaukee residents register to vote; and help registered voters determine whether they already have the correct ID to vote or, if they don’t have it, help them get it. These efforts will be focused on the Northwest side of Milwaukee as much as possible. 

Eleven Co-op member-owners had a very successful day canvassing on the Northwest side in December of 2015 handing out important nonpartisan voting information such as polling place, FAQs and more. Our team will need help with canvassing, making phone calls, event planning, registering voters and more!


Join the Voting Rights and Good Government Team in 2016! Contact Co-op organizer Anna Dvorak at to find out how you can help!

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