Walker's $26 million New Health Fee

Gov. Walker to Subject Low Income Wisconsinites to $26 million in New Health Fees Come April 1st

Individuals blocked from accessing BadgerCare will face much higher deductibles, out of pocket costs

Two weeks before thousands of Wisconsinites are set to be thrown off of BadgerCare, new data compiled by Citizen Action of Wisconsin shows that the population that would have had access to BadgerCare had Scott Walker accepted federal funds will instead face millions in new deductibles. 84,000 Wisconsinites will be denied access to BadgerCare by the Governor’s decision, and will collectively face at least $26,326,900 or more in additional deductibles per year before the insurance they secure at Healthcare.gov begins paying medical bills. BadgerCare does not have yearly deductibles.

While these citizens can still gain access at Healthcare.gov, it is clear that they are facing an undue and needless burden because of a purely political decision that was made in Madison. Many may be unable to afford the financial burden, jeopardizing their access to health care and increasing the burden of uncompensated care on medical providers.

This research examines the deductibles for the lowest premum plans (after tax credits) available through Healthcare.gov in each of Wisconsin’s 72 counties. This figure significantly understates additional cost because it does not  include additional co-pays or co-insurance that these consumer will also face because they are shut out of BadgerCare.

“It is fundamentally immoral to pass unaffordable financial burdens onto low income Wisconsinites just to score political points,” said Kevin Kane, Lead Organizer of Citizen Action of Wisconsin. “A moral and responsible government would accept federal funds for BadgerCare and guarantee access to quality affordable coverage.”

COUNTIES Residents between 100-133% FPL Total Yearly Deductible Total Out of Pocket
Brown 2,722 $1,361,200 $1,361,000
Chippewa 903 $225,760 $451,500
Dane 3,630 $1,815,210 $1,815,000
Douglas 646 $161,435 $323,000
Eau Claire 1,267 $316,853 $633,500
Fond du Lac 1,003 $501,735 $501,500
Kenosha 2,296 $0 $2,755,200
La Crosse 3,388 $847,015 $1,694,000
Manitowoc 853 $426,620 $426,500
Marathon 1,625 $406,285 $812,500
Milwaukee 17,742 $8,871,040 $8,871,000
Oneida 521 $130,310 $260,500
Outagamie 1,636 $817,965 $818,000
Racine 2,780 $0 $3,336,000
Rock 2,515 $1,257,450 $1,257,500
Sheboygan 1,273 $636,610 $636,500
Waukesha 2,022 $1,010,940 $1,011,000
Winnebago 1,854 $0 $2,224,800
Wood 3,395 $848,675 $1,697,500
TOTAL 72 counties 69,694 $26,326,901  


Deductibles provided by Healthcare.gov. Eligible population provided by Legislative Fiscal Bureau estimates minus those who have employer coverage, estimated by Kaiser Family Foundation


The complete data and methodology can be found here

On March 31st, 77,000 Wisconsinites will be forced off of BadgerCare and told to access coverage elsewhere; and overall the State’s Legislative Fiscal Bureau estimates that 84,000 residents could be guaranteed BadgerCare at savings to the state upon acceptance of these available federal funds

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