Walker's rigged economy languishes in 36th place.

New data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows Wisconsin severely lagging behind the national average in job creation from September 2014 to September 2015. The data is regarded as more reliable than monthly data.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Wisconsin ranked 36th out of 50 states. During the year, Wisconsin trailed Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, and Ohio in job creation.

Wisconsin has continuously trailed the national rate of job creation since July 2011.

We strongly believe Wisconsin’s declining economic vitality is rooted in the failure of our political and business leaders to develop a serious strategy for expanding economic opportunity.

Corporate leaders and conservative politicians like to blame workers for Wisconsin’s precipitous economic decline. To the contrary, the primary problem is a shortage of good jobs which will continue to deepen unless we take bold and forceful action.

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, or WEDC, Governor Walker’s discredited jobs agency, mistakenly assumes that giving aid to well-connected corporations will trickle down to workers. But what is good for a handful of politically influential CEOs is not necessarily good for workers.

Handing over our state’s economic policies to multinational corporations engaged in outsourcing and converting middle class jobs into poverty wage jobs is driving Wisconsin’s economy into the ground.

Shamefully, elected leaders who are supposed to work for us often aide and abet corporate outsourcers, helping them rig the economy against average people.

They vote for trade deals which make it easier for multinational corporations to ship more of our good jobs overseas. In Wisconsin, Scott Walker and conservatives in the state legislature continue giving huge subsidies and tax giveaways to unpatriotic CEOs engaged in outsourcing our jobs.

We need to end the political establishment’s economic treason against Wisconsin workers. If you want elected leaders who will stop supporting the outsourcers, and focus instead on creating an economy where everyone who wants a good job can get one, sign this petition.

The only way we can halt the decline of the middle class, and expand opportunity to all those who are currently shut out, is to make creating good family supporting jobs the singular purpose of Wisconsin economic development policy. No large corporation or CEO has any rightful claim on public dollars, unless they are in turn expanding real economic opportunity for Wisconsin workers.

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