Walker Stumbles Badly Explaining Insurance Industry Influence on BadgerCare Decision

Contacts: Kevin Kane kevin.kane@citizenactionwi.org or Robert Kraig robert.kraig@citizenactionwi.org

Walker Stumbles Badly Explaining Insurance Industry Influence on BadgerCare Decision

Monday Greg Neumann of WKOW TV 27 in Madison captured Scott Walker on video stumbling to respond to Citizen Action of Wisconsin’s revelation that insurance industry donations may have swayed his decisions to reject hundreds of millions of federal dollars for BadgerCare.

On a media call Monday morning Citizen Action of Wisconsin and Wisconsin Democracy Campaign called into question relationship between large campaign donations and the rejection of federal funds for BadgerCare.

The new data shows that the insurance industry was the biggest beneficiary of the decision to reject the funds for BadgerCare, and has donated massively to the campaigns of Governor Walker and Legislators who pushed the policy through.

When asked about the revelations, Gov. Walker was caught off guard and stumbled through his response, saying

"Actually if you think about it, its just the opposite. It means fewer people would be on insurance actually, if...in the end...if there were...more people there they'd be under Medicaid. It's not a, for us, it has no decision one way or the other." The full video can be viewed here.

“The befuddled response from a skilled politician like Walker shows just how impossible it is to defend his disastrous decision to turn away hundreds of millions of federal dollars for BadgerCare,” said Robert Kraig, Executive Director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin.

For more information and data, click here.


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  • commented 2014-10-22 17:27:07 -0500
    Are you kidding – take the money? Who cares if the Federal Government is $17 trillion in debt, that 43% of the budget comes from borrowed money. What’s a little more debt. All people above the Federal poverty level are covered. 20% of the Wisconsin population is on Badgecare.