WalkerCare Forcing 77,000 People off of BadgerCare on Last Day of Open Enrollment

As Healthcare.gov’s open enrollment is set to end after successfully enrolling thousands, thousands more to be denied affordable coverage.

On Monday, Citizen Action of Wisconsin, allies and legislators will call out the Walker Administration for of forcing 77,000 Wisconsinites off of BadgerCare as the rest of the country seeks to improve coverage. March 31st is the day these tens of thousands will be forced from BadgerCare to look for less affordable alternatives. Those present will denounce this needless denial of affordable coverage and demand Wisconsin accept available federal funds for BadgerCare that would ensure quality coverage.

Supporters will gather at Cross Lutheran Church, home of the Bread of Healing Clinic, to point out the moral injustice of denying healthcare to tens of thousands of residents when the means of guaranteeing that coverage is available.

Join us Monday or Sign our Petition to your state legislators urging them to accept billions in federal money for BadgerCare

Media event with health advocates & Legislators denouncing the Governor’s actions in kicking 77,000 off of BadgerCare.
When: Monday, March 31 at 11am
Where:  Cross Lutheran Church, 1821 N. 16th Street, Milwaukee

  • State Representative Sandy Pasch
  • State Representative Evan Goyke
  • State Representative Josh Zepnick
  • State Representative Mandela Barnes
  • Robert Kraig, Citizen Action of Wisconsin, Executive Director



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