Waukesha Healthcare Team - 2015 in Review

Yes to BadgerCare!

The Co-op's Waukesha Healthcare Team has partnered with Grassroots Waukesha and SOPHIA to address healthcare issues in Waukesha County. Our team believes that everyone deserves quality, affordable healthcare - no matter what - and our objective is to begin a dialog within the community about how the savings from federal Medicaid expansion funds (aka federal funds for BadgerCare) can help both the county and state reduce health care costs and insure more people.

Our team began meeting in the fall of 2015, and for the first few months we studied the history of BadgerCare, gathered relevant data, interviewed county officials, met with experts the healthcare industry, and attended volunteer community events. We want our message to be meaningful to the voters and government officials of Waukesha County.

We are currently finishing a report that will tie everything we've learned together. This report will then be the basis for going forward: building a coalition with the healthcare community, spreading the word to voters of the county and ending in a presentation to County officials this spring.

Join our campaign for healthcare for all in Waukesha County in 2016! Contact Co-op organizer Anna Dvorak at anna.dvorak@citizenactionwi.org to find out how you can help!

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