Western WI Co-op "Victory Lap"!

After years of damaging attacks on our state, one thing is clear: We must develop and support new, bold ideas if we are to change the direction of our state! And last March, we did just that! (Watch video below)

Last March over 200 people pledged to join a new organization, the member-owned Citizen Action Organizing Cooperative of Western Wisconsin, and hired a professional organizer to strengthen the influence of progressive individuals and groups in Western Wisconsin. Since then, the Citizen Action Organizing Cooperative of Western Wisconsin was instrumental in the passage of Eau Claire County's Living Wage! 

"I am not pleased by this governor’s — and this Legislature’s — stance on minimum wage. Citizen Action of Wisconsin offered an alternative. As I learned more about the efforts of Citizen Action [Organizing Cooperative of Western Wisconsin], I joined with one of my colleagues on the Eau Claire County Board to draft an ordinance to accomplish, in a small way, something toward the goal of adequate wages for all." - Nick Smiar, Eau Claire County Supervisor and co-op member-owner

But in order to build from this victory, to grow stronger to take new issues in new areas, we want to recruit 100 members to join our organizing cooperative, and ask them: what should we fight for next?

This is your Organizing Cooperative, you own it. You direct it. What do you want to change in Wisconsin and/or your community? After you pledge you'll be asked what issues you care about!

For more information, check out our Organizing Cooperative Frequently Asked Questions page (opens in a new page). Contributions made can be tax deductible. After filling out the info below and clicking "pledge", look for the "tax deductible" link on the page that follows.

Who's signing

100 pledges

Will you pledge? Or, would you like to talk to Western WI organizer Jeff Smith about our Co-op?

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    Block imminent domain for pipelines.

    Outlaw CAFOS and any other environmental destructive activities.
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    I just pledged to join Citizen Action Organizing Cooperative of Western Wisconsin after the Living Wage victory!
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    I just pledged to join Citizen Action Organizing Cooperative of Western Wisconsin after the Living Wage victory!
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    I like to put an end to factory farms, and especially to a proposed expansion of a CAFO in Emerald.
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