What issues will the organizer work on?


Your membership in the Citizen Action Organizing Cooperative means that you have a say in what issues they (and the Co-op) work on.  Member-owners interested in the same issue can form their own Issue Development Team. Issue Development Teams are comprised of member-owners who care about the same issue and are willing to meet regularly, research an issue, and develop an issue campaign. Member-owners who wish to form an Issue Development Team can contact the Organizer - anna.dvorak@citizenactionwi.org - for help in starting their own Issue Development Team, finding others to get involved, and for guidance in developing their issue campaigns.


In addition, Citizen Action of Wisconsin is always happy to suggest issues that we find to be strategic and have the most potential to succeed.  For example, we believe that addressing the skyrocketing cost of healthcare, creating good, family supporting jobs and cleaning up government are issues that appeal to many people.  These issues provide a variety of opportunities to make a difference at the local level (city and county), as well as at the state level, and would help us recruit more new members.

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