Why It Matters

Keep in mind when you hear arguments against the Affordable Care Act, aka Health Reform, aka Obamacare...


Without Health Reform healthcare costs will continue to spiral out of control (healthcare costs went up 200% in WI in the last 10 years)

Without Health Reform children will be allow to be discriminated against based on their pre-existing conditions today, and adults would lose the protections they would gain in 2014. Bringing back a return to denials, dropping coverage and higher costs

Without Health Reform Seniors would continue to fall into the Medicare Part D perscription drug "Donut Hole"

Without Health Reform working families would continue to risk going into bankruptcy when someone became sick

Without Health Reform small businesses, entreprenuers, farmers etc would struggle to be able to afford health insurance

Without Health Reform preventive care would no longer be free, returning to the days when we waited for people to get very sick as opposed to early treatment and prevention

Without Health Reform insurance companies would be in control of the market, able to charge rates unmonitored

To name a few...


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