Wisconsin Counties Association Calls on Gov. Walker to Reverse BadgerCare Decision & Accept Federal Funds

On Sunday, September 22nd at its 2013 Convention the Wisconsin Counties Association passed a resolution urging Gov. Walker to reverse course on BadgerCare and accept enhanced federal funds. Citizen Action of Wisconsin commends the work county leaders are doing to advance the health security of everyone in Wisconsin.
Elected county leaders from throughout Wisconsin are deeply concerned that the Governor’s decision risks the health of local residents while costing both state and county government more money. During and after the budget debate county governments and leaders called for the state to accept the federal funding, even identifying alternative means of accessing federal funds. 15 counties passed resolutions urging the state to reverse course.
Local governments are also stepping up to fill the void left by Walker obstructionism by providing their residents increased help accessing the new opportunities for affordable healthcare the law provides starting October 1st.
“Governor Walker has made it so that between rejecting federal funds for BadgerCare and blocking health reform at every step Wisconsin has become dead last at spending to educate and enroll our citizens,” said Marina Dimitrijevic, Chair of the Milwaukee County Board. “This is why counties are stepping in and working to help our citizens. We are on the front lines, we know how important this is. Our citizens need access to affordable care.”
“The Wisconsin Counties Association has reminded us all that the fight for BadgerCare is not over,” said Kevin Kane, Healthcare Organizer for Citizen Action of Wisconsin. “When a state and governor stand in dereliction of duty to protect the health and freedom of our citizens, it’s empowering to know that local leaders will fight for the health security of their citizens and the opportunity to choose quality affordable coverage.”

The Governor's decision to kick 92,000 Wisconsin residents off of BadgerCare impacts every county with direct negative budget and health impacts. These federal BadgerCare funds do not sunset and can be accepted at any time. This is why the Wisconsin Counties Association is now joining over 250 organizations who are calling for the Walker Administration to accept federal BadgerCare funding.

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