Wisconsin Residents Celebrate the 4th Anniversary of the Affordable Care Act

Today on the 4th Anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, Citizen Action of Wisconsin and Organizing for Action held a Milwaukee media event with citizens who have directly benefited from the law. The purpose of the event was to focus attention on the approaching Healthcare.gov open enrollment deadline on March 31st. This is the first year that citizens with preexisting conditions can access guaranteed coverage without fear of denial.

Supporters will promote the numerous ways to enroll before the deadline, including at public libraries, and share success stories and enrollment events taking place around Milwaukee.

Speakers at today’s Milwaukee event included: State Representative Mandela Barnes; Kevin Kane, Lead Organizer at Citizen Action of Wisconsin, who has signed up for a new plan; Danielle Zirkel, Healthcare Outreach Specialist, Covering Kids & Families; Scott Trindl, former small business owner who has pre-existing condition and now has affordable coverage thanks to ACA; and Patti Orzel, formerly on HIRSP because of her husband’s preexisting condition, now has coverage.

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