Wood County on Medicaid

By a vote ratio of 8-1, Wood County became the 15th Wisconsin county to take an action on the question of whether Wisconsin should accept these federal Medicaid funds, or allow the counties to access them instead.

Wood County's Health and Human Services committee, tasked with discussing this Medicaid question, voted to send a message to the Walker administration calling on them to reverse their stance on the rejection of federal Medicaid funds and find a way to help the Wood County citizens who need access to health coverage.

Wood County is especially concerned because this decision by Walker to reject billions in federal funds for BadgerCare means that 1,959 residents will be kicked off BadgerCare at the end of the year, and another 1,545 uninsured residents will be denied access to BadgerCare that would have received it had Wisconsin accepted the federal funding. All told, 3,504 Wood County residents are needlessly made uninsured by this decision, left on their own.

Counties across the state have passed resolutions, voted to take action or featured leaders on the board stepping forward to call for an alternative to the rejection of these needed federal funds. County support for accepting these federal Medicaid funds is growing, bolstered by the over 240 Wisconsin organizations that support it, how long can Madison hold out when we can take these federal funds at any time?

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