Join our fight for #FairMaps!

In 2011, politicians drew unfair voting maps behind closed doors to protect their political party instead of the people they were elected to represent. Instead of voters picking their representatives, Wisconsin politicians are picking their voters.

Wisconsin’s voting maps are so skewed to benefit one political party that a federal court ordered lawmakers to redraw the maps. But instead of complying, certain lawmakers are spending taxpayer money—with no cap on expenditures—to defend the unconstitutional maps and now the case, now known as Gill v Whitford, has gone all the way to the US Supreme Court.

Unfair voting maps affect all issues impacting our communities, including the lack of family supporting jobs, safe neighborhoods, lead or sewage in our drinking water, funding for our schools and more. If you believe that every voter should have an equal say, join our fight for #FairMaps!

What can you DO?! FairMapsCounties_31Jan2018.jpg

1) Stop wasting thousands—if not millions—of state taxpayer dollars on expensive private attorneys to defend the unfair voting maps!
2) Pass Senate Bill 13/Assembly Bill 44 into law so that our voting maps are drawn by an independent, nonpartisan group in a way that is open and accountable to the public.

  • Pass a #FairMaps resolution in your County! 
So far, 41 counties representing more than 65% of the Wisconsin population have passed Fair Maps Resolutions calling for a nonpartisan process for drawing Wisconsin’s voting maps.
Don’t see your county on the map? Click here to view our Guide to Passing County Resolutions for Fair Maps and/or send us a message to learn how you can help pass the #fairmaps resolution near you.
Click here to find out more ways you can take action for fair maps.

Psst, our voting maps are so bad, we made it on the John Oliver Show! Click here to watch the clip.

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