2018 Endorsements

2018 Endorsements

Governor/Lt. Governor
Tony Evers/Mandela Barnes (Citizen Action Organizing Cooperative member)

U.S. Senate
Tammy Baldwin

Attorney General
Josh Kaul

State Treasurer
Sarah Godlewski (Citizen Action Organizing Cooperative member)

U.S. Congress District 1
Randy Bryce

U.S. Congress District 5
Tom Palzewicz

U.S. Congress District 6
Dan Kohl

U.S. Congress District 7
Margaret Engebretson

The following is a list of Citizen Action’s endorsements in State Legislative races. We are very excited that this list of candidates includes 16 Citizen Action Organizing Cooperative members challenging incumbent conservatives!

Senate District 1
Caleb Frostman

Senate District 3
Tim Carpenter

Senate District 5
Julie Henszey (Citizen Action Organizing Cooperative member)

Senate District 9
Kyle Whelton

Senate District 15
Janis Ringhand

Senate District 17
Kriss Marion

Senate District 19
Lee Snodgrass

Senate District 21
Lori Hawkins

Senate District 23
Chris Kapsner

Senate District 25
Janet Bewley

Senate District 27
Jon Erpenbach

Senate District 29
Richard Pulcher

Senate District 31
Jeff Smith (Citizen Action Organizing Cooperative member)

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