What is the Citizen Action of Wisconsin Brew Fest Fundraiser? 

Brew Fest 2018

For the past nine years Citizen Action of Wisconsin Education Fund (CAWEF) has hosted a small but very successful beer taster and silent auction fundraiser.  This social event helps raise funds for the important work that Citizen Action of Wisconsin Education Fund and it’s sister organization, Citizen Action of Wisconsin, does.  This year the event will be on Monday, November 19th at the Coakley Brothers newly remodeled Walker’s Point Water Building from 5pm to 8pm.

Who is CAWEF?

Founded in 1983, Citizen Action of Wisconsin Education Fund is an issue focused coalition organization committed to achieving social and economic justice.  Citizen Action Fund is a multi-issue organization which focuses a lion’s share of its time and resources on its two lead issues: health care reform and our good jobs campaign.

In December of 2017 Citizen Action of Wisconsin Education Fund and a coalition of faith-based networks and anti-poverty groups held concurrent announcements in multiple cities of a bold new campaign to end child poverty in Wisconsin. The campaign seeks to inspire Wisconsin to set a goal of eliminating child poverty, by holding itself accountable for reducing both child poverty and racial disparities by half in the next decade.

The campaign is a product of 3 years of intensive policy discussions and moral reflection at 24 churches and other religious institutions throughout Wisconsin. The lead coalition partners are four statewide organizations: WISDOM, Wisconsin Council of Churches, Kids Forward, and Citizen Action of Wisconsin Education
Citizen Action of Wisconsin Education Fund integrates traditional grassroots organizing, timely public policy research, message development, and cutting-edge use of earned and social media to amplify the public impact of our work.

Most fundamentally, Citizen Action of Wisconsin Education Fund believes that issues matter.  It is through transformative issues that that capture the public imagination and reveal the dissonance between our nation’s ideals and its economic and social realities that average people come to see their stake in the public sphere and are motivated to participate in their democracy, resulting in meaningful, lasting change.

Citizen Action of Wisconsin Education Fund federal tax id: #39-1520619

For more information please contact Brian Wooldridge or call 414-476-4501

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