Citizen Action Weekly: Friday, January 11th

Friday, January 11th

Citizen Action of Wisconsin statewide staff meets for strategic retreat this week in Milwaukee.

This week Citizen Action of Wisconsin organizing staff meet in Milwaukee for a strategic retreat. In 3 days of intensive (and exhausting) work we made progress in planning our 2019 issue and electoral campaigns, evolving our organizational culture, improving our effectiveness as a team, and building deeper relationships between staff.

The retreat included trainings on white fragility, work styles, issue campaign strategy, how to work in a focused manner to achieve goals, lobbying, conflict resolution, and how to create an anti-racist organization.

The retreat included recently hired organizing staff who joined the Citizen Action team over the last 2 months; Karen Kirsch, Supreme Moore Omokunde, Solana Patterson-Ramos, and Noah Reif. Solana also worked as election staff in 2018 before accepting a permanent position.

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