Citizen Action Weekly
Citizen Action Weekly – June 14th

Citizen Action Weekly – June 14th


Friday, June 14th

Citizen Action members on the Medicare for All train

On Saturday, June 8th, Citizen Action members traveled to Chicago to take part in a Medicare for All rally in Downtown Chicago.  The gleaming office tower of Blue Cross/Blue Shield was the first target of the protesters who are tired of seeing friends and family suffer, all in the name of corporate profits. From there they marched to a nearby hotel where the AMA was holding a conference. Chants of “AMA get out of the way,” drifted up from the streets.

Northeast Members Celebrate Juneteenth in Appleton

Citizen Action Northeast had a booth at Appleton’s Juneteenth celebration last Sunday and it was great to see members at the event despite the rainy weather!

BadgerCare Day of Action-Metro Milwaukee Area

We need to keep the pressure up on BadgerCare expansion.  We have five ways to be involved on our day of action so we urge you to pick one.  Now is the time and we need to keep this issue visible. Lives really do depend on it.   RSVP here

BadgerCare Day of Action- Eau Claire

We are less than two weeks away from our Expand BadgerCare Rally in Eau Claire! Now more than ever, it is critical we show our united support for the expansion of BadgerCare. The leaders of our state legislature have vowed to block any and all attempts to honor the will of the people. The only thing they will understand is a vast, unified response.

In that spirit, I ask you to join Citizen Action for our Expand BadgerCare Rally outside the federal courthouse in Eau Claire on June 24th at 10 AM!

This is an amazing opportunity to take action and show our elected officials what the benefits of expanding BadgerCare mean to the people of Wisconsin:

  1. Offering affordable, quality care to 80,000 working class Wisconsinites,
  2. Bringing back millions of our federal tax dollars for investments in our community,
  3. Freeing up room in the budget to properly fund our schools.

Thank you for your continued leadership and determination in this fight! I look forward to seeing on June 24th. If you have questions or would like to attend, please contact [email protected].

Southeastern Co-op Day of Action Times and Dates

  • 8 AM Expand BadgerCare Rally – Gordon Park (2828 N. Humboldt Blvd) – Contact [email protected]
  • 4 PM Accion Expand BadgerCare Rally – El Rey Grocery Store (916 S. Cesar E Chavez Dr) – Contact [email protected]
  • 6 PM Expand BadgerCare Direct Action – City Hall (200 E. Wells St) – Contact [email protected]

Thank you Governor Tony Evers

We have been flooded with members that have been so thankful to the Governor for standing up to Republicans in the fight for Medicaid Expansion and many other issues.  Let’s make sure we let him know directly so he continues to feel supported. Send him a quick note today at [email protected]

Northwest Co-Op celebrates Pride!!

(Member Joe Luginbil addresses chippewa valley pride)

(Member Barb Wise and son Noah Wise meet Lt. Governor Barnes at Milwaukee Pride)


“The GOP Budget Plot Thickens” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

This week we do a deep dive with State Senator Chris Larson on the GOP budget endgame. Does Robin Vos really expect Governor Evers to capitulate to their short sighted and immoral budget, or does he have a hidden agenda in mind? Next we welcome State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski to discuss the fiscal insanity of the GOP budget that is taking shape, and her work to address the student debt crisis. Finally, we dig into the latest Foxconn low lights, and progress on Medicare for All.
Listen Now – Episode #396
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