Citizen Action Weekly: Friday September 20th

Citizen Action Weekly: Friday September 20th

Friday, September 20th

Watch People’s Action Presidential Candidate Forum from Iowa this Saturday @ Noon.

Where do candidates stand on Housing? Worker’s rights? Reproductive justice?

We don’t know because the #DemDebate moderators didn’t ask. That’s why we’re switching up the rule book and letting real voters run the show.

Watch People’s Action Peoples Forum live from Iowa this Saturday 9/21 at Noon CT/10am PT. Sign up here:

The 2020 elections must respond to the needs of people, not big money and wealthy corporations – this election is happening from the grassroots up. It all starts with presidential candidate forums held by People’s Action in four states and anchored in Iowa by Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Action Fund. Nearly 40 Citizen Action of Wisconsin members will also be in attendence.

No bland stump speeches allowed!

Presidential candidates will be invited onstage for real conversations with everyday people about big solutions to the struggles facing the multiracial working class.

What are we talking about?

  • Improved Medicare for All
  • A Factory Farm Moratorium
  • A 100% Just Green New Deal
  • Homes Guarantee
  • Free College for All

Brew Fest 2019: Thanks to Everyone who attended or donated


Driftless Co-op Member Spotlight

The Driftless region would like to spotlight a brand new co-op member, Jade Johnson. Jade is excited to join the Driftless co-op and help fight climate change and create a better world for the next generation. Jade is a social worker.  Her work with foster families across the southwest part of the state has literally saved lives and created families. Jade has had a meaningful impact on dozens of Wisconsin children.

Jade is passionate about climate change, social justice, income equality, fair redistricting and promoting progressive values.

Jade is originally from northeast Iowa and currently lives in La Crosse Wisconsin.

If you want to join Jade in creating real progressive change in the Driftless region contact Ben Wilson at [email protected] to schedule a meeting.  Together we can build the kind of world we want to give the next generation!

Driftless Organzing Co-op Launch Event!

The Driftless region is also excited to announce our co-op launch event. On Thursday October 3rd at 7:00pm new co-op members will be meeting at UU La Crosse to officially launch our campaign to create a Green New Deal right here in Southwestern Wisconsin.

Please click here to RSVP .  This event is open to the public so invite anyone you know who wants to fight climate change or anyone who is interested in saving money!

Please feel free to share this Facebook event link with friends and family and invite everyone you know!

North Central Organizing Co-op Represents at Fighting Bobfest

North Central Organizing Co-op members were well represented at Fighting Bobfest in Stevens Point last Saturday at the Pfiffner Pioneer Building.

The Co-op had a table at the event (Ironically, 4 of the other tables were being led by Co-op members, but they were representing other groups). The networking and friendliness between other organizations was a breath of fresh air. The Warren for President table and the Bernie table were right across from each other, and there was nothing but positive vibes. You could really sense that we all want to work together to fight for the people and for a better planet.

There were four keynote speakers at the event that are also members of 2 Organizing Co-ops. The picture above is of Lincoln County Board Supervisor, Dairy Farmer, and Co-op member Hans Breienmoser speaking on the importance of continuing the fight for Fair Maps.

Other speakers that also happen to be Co-op members included David Barnhill who spoke on the Green New Deal, County Board Supervisor Katie Rosenberg who spoke on the passage of a Pride Resolution declaring June as Pride month being passed in Marathon County, and State Senator Jeff Smith (who is a member of the Western WI Organizing Co-op!

The spirit of Fighting Bob certainly lives on. Thank you to the OWR – Central WI chapter for putting this event together and for inviting us to attend. Great job! And thank you to all of the speakers and to everyone who attended. I can still feel the positive energy that each one of you brings to the fight for social, economic and environmental justice.

Join us to discuss a Milwaukee Green New Deal and Transportation, Tuesday, Sept. 24th, 6pm 

Come join us as we discuss what a Milwaukee Green New Deal will mean the future of transportation and mobility. This is the first in a Series of Community Events on Equity and Climate.

RSVP and more information

MKE Community Town Hall Regarding Ascension St. Joseph Hospital

“GM Strike & Working Families Party Endorses Elizabeth Warren” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

Working Families Party’s Rebecca Lynch leads our discussion on the controversial Working Families Party endorsement of Elizabeth Warren. Then we welcome UAW Local 722’s Steve Frisque, live from a Wisconsin picket line to talk about the GM strike. We weigh-in on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s bold new prescription drug plan. Will Trump follow-through on his campaign promises and support it, or will he again cave to Big Pharma? Finally we discuss vaping illnesses and the push to legalize and regulate THC in Wisconsin, and Friday’s international climate strike which is coming to many Wisconsin cities.

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